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Dear RPM Health Club Members & Guests,

Staying strong and fit in Phuket has never been easier with internationally qualified trainers Joe and A to motivate and support you.

As we all struggle to deal with the ever increasing demands of living in the 20th Century it is vital for anyone wishing to remain youthful and healthy to focus on getting a good sweat up by staying strong. Strength training is key to long term health and better overall fitness.

Cardiovascular exercise is important too, however it is not good enough on it’s own. Your muscular system is the furnace for youth and fatloss. That means regular strength training is the best anti aging formula you will find and if performed correctly can also help cleanse your body so that toxins can escape through your sweat glands.

Many of our members enjoy Les Mills Body Pump classes to tone and train their muscles in a motivating group environment and find this style of strength training truly beneficial. Many others enjoy the Hammer Strength and Life Fitness Training Zones to focus on their fitness while in Phuket.

If you are not sure how to go about strength training please come and see some of the personal trainers within RPM Health Club in Phuket so they can help you gain the health and fitness goals that you desire.

Many people in Phuket do not realize how quickly and easily it can be to shape up their bodies and improve their moods by following the advice of qualified personal trainers. Doing the exercise is one thing – being motivated and continuing is another! Trainers ensure you stick to your goals and have tricks to make your fitness goals happen fast and effectively. Come and see us and get a complimentary program and personal training session to get you started.

Keep sweating & Stay Strong!

See you in Your Club.

RPM Health Club.

Phuket’s Finest Health Club