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Jenni Chattock – Business Leader & Mother

I met Hayden in Phuket and was inspired by one of his talks. His understanding of the human brain-body connection and knowing how to positively impact this is phenomenal.

I had done several detox programs in the past but always lapsed back to my old habits when I returned home, so I booked Hayden for his 30 days, “stay on track” program.

By committing to weekly calls over a month, I was able to make small achievable changes that soon became good habits. By working with him, I changed my unhealthy lifestyle to one that has more balance and perspective.

After that period I continued with coaching on a monthly basis. I had a busy chaotic lifestyle and was going through many personal changes (divorce, moving country, going back to work). His coaching helped me to stay positive and focused through a difficult period in my life. He has given me many techniques to deal with stressful situations and delivers his message in a fun and engaging way.

I look forward to my sessions with Hayden with the knowledge that they really help me to achieve my goals. I can’t thank him enough for the help he has given me over the last two years.

You have helped me so much

THANK YOU! – Jenni

Tamzin Lisa Williams (South African)

I decided to start coaching sessions with Hayden Rhodes after attending one of his talks at Amity Wellness Centre in Thailand in 2016. His perspective on wellness is so well-defined that it hit home for me on a level that I wanted to work with him immediately.

The best part about Haydens coaching approach is that he first looks at how we are currently respecting our bodies through nutrition and exercise before tackling anything else. He believes that how we feed our physical bodies affects our general state of wellbeing, which impacts our overall state of mind and “zest for life.” You can feel all of Haydens passion and guidance for coaching comes from this fundamental belief.

It is through his world of experience and compassionate guidance that I began to develop all areas of my life immensely as well as created a clear vision for my life.

Coaching with Hayden has been one of the most beneficial experiences I have made in my life and today I see that I made a great investment in my future through all of my learning’s. Today I understand that it is good nutrition and exercise that are the essential keys to maintaining a healthy perspective over my life


Hayden changes lives!

I started working with Hayden 2 years ago and have changed my body shape, increased my energy and changed my life. My entire attitude to fitness and health has changed and I look forward to a lifetime of good health!

Hayden is deeply invested in YOU. More so than any other high performance coach I have come across. He goes over and above to ensure you’re constantly supported & encouraged to achieve your goals.

As well as my coach he will undoubtedly now be a lifetime friend. Thank you buddy for helping me to change my life and the life & health of my family.

Jo Barnes – Mum, Entrepreneur, Globe Trotter!