Phukets Finest Health Club Launches Body Pump 100 with Special Fitness Instructor from Australia

[:en]The world’s best and biggest strength and conditioning class (BODY PUMP) from fitness and training experts LES MILLS, recently celebrated their worldwide launch of BODY PUMP #100.

This is a milestone achievement as BODY PUMP #1 was first launched in New Zealand way back in 1991! RPM Health Club took part in the action and launched this amazing new release to a ‘sold out’ studio. Every piece of fitness equipment for the class was used as we squeezed in as many members as possible.[:]


Dream came to the club thinking exercise and fitness was boring yet knew she wanted to shape up for university life and also life in general. After a few months as a club member engaged in classes and personal training she dramactilly improved her fitness and her body shape. As a bonus she now understands exercise and fitness in a social environment and in a club that supports mind body development is the way to go when it comes to shaping up. This is what Dream personally wrote in a letter to the RPM Health Club team about her training and club experience