All our personal trainers hold Sports Science University Qualifications as well as passing internationally accredited American Council of Exercise Certifications in relevant fields. Why is this relevant?

Well… think of it this way. Most athletes or semi serious sports participants train under the guidance of a personal coach or trainer. They could quite possibly exercise or train on their own, yet what typically happens is a lack of motivation to strive for ones goals and poor results. Even worse, they get injured or don’t see or feel any success due to a misunderstanding of scientific training methodologies and a lack of technical coaching. Don’t let that be you. Isn’t joining a health club about reaching your goals and strengthening (not injuring) your body?

Qualified trainers and coaches have studied the science of human movement and understand how to bring about the results you want faster. As a bonus they are also well versed in enhancing your health and well being so there is far less chance of falling off track due a lack of motivation, boredom or excuses.

Why do so many members choose to participate in a classes?

Think about it.

Joe – Fitness Manager

Cee – Personal Trainer

Nok – Personal Trainer

Arm – Personal Trainer

Classes are more fun and allow participants to just show up and have an instructor professionally guide them. Classes help people do things they would not do on their own. Classes are social, interactive and motivational.

In fact, classes are nothing more than group personal training sessions. More fun, more motivation, more knowledge and more results.

The same is true when you have your own personal trainer.

Just train on your own for a week and then ask a personal trainer to give you a weeks personal training experience. You will note a massive difference with a personal trainer alongside you every step of the way. If you want to achieve more in less time and see and feel a very big difference in what you can achieve with your health and fitness, ask for a personal trainer to help you.

Plus working with a trainer creates great friendships and is a huge incentive for getting into the club regularly and continuing to achieve your health and fitness goals.

For fat loss, fast fitness and rehabilitation or massage come and see us to discuss how we can help you.

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The RPM Health Club Personal Training Team with Club Manager Hayden Rhodes
If you wish for a better body, rehabilitation, more energy and having fun when you train, come and ask us to help.