Experienced Personal Trainer, Athletic Physique Competitor & Les Mills Teacher.

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“Joe is a fantastic personal trainer. He understand me very well and helps me enjoy the body challenges of training. He helps me make myself limitless so that I continue to get great results. Thank you Joe for motivating me to build good habits.”

K Pan – Manager

“…The flexibility and stretching for sport is very important but often neglected. Khun Joe has given me the appropriate techniques after my gym and tennis sessions such as flexing and pressing at the relevant spots. For just 10-20 minutes after each workout routine, I feel lighter on my movements when play tennis with the ability to reach further as well…”

K. Atthaphon Phinyowatthanaporn (K.Net) Age 36

“…I have been training with Joe for three months now, and believe he is one of the most experienced. Joe has helped me to achieve my goals. He makes it fun and enjoyable to train and he is very motivating and encouraging. I have seen improvements in my ability to complete more exercises and notice a positive change in my appearance…”

Second is K. Athitaya Yanphaisan (K. Tick) Age 32

“K.Joe is a very professional personal trainer, he helped me to lose body fat and almost 20 kilogram of weight since last year. He motivates me to be healthy and eat the right foods. I am very very happy to train with him because we just did Spartan race 2018 together! Tough activities I thought I could not do it, but k.Joe helps me a lot and we finish all together. Big thanks to trainer Joe.”

K.Tum – JW Marriott. 42 years of age.


“I like RPM Health Club because it is the best club, the club is very clean with very very nice locker and steam rooms. It feels like a private club, and this makes it special for me. I trained with K .Joe for a few months before going on a long holiday and then while on holiday he continued to motivate me via phone and line about nutrition and movement until I returned. After my holiday K Joe checked my results and they went great, I lose body fat 1.3 kilogram, my visceral fat went down from level 3 to level 2 and my muscle went up!! I am so happy with this. Thank you K.Joe, you are amazing personal trainer.”

K.Nuke, Professional cake maker. 34 years of age.


“I have been training at RPM Health Club a very long time and I know Joe since I start working out here. K.Joe is a great trainer and has very good motivation skills. I love training by myself but do not get great results. I feel much stronger and I feel I have more energy and power after I train with Joe twice a week. Thank you Joe. You are the best!”

K. Steve. Business Man. 61 years of age.