What Makes RPM Health Club Unique?

We believe RPM Health Club members are entitled to the very best equipment and technology the world has to offer, from the worlds leading brands of fitness equipment. We also believe that living in a strong healthy body is a great way to live and that anyone can improve the function of their brain and body through regular movement and activity.  If you live in Phuket and would like to improve your health and fitness in a friendly health club, simply join this fantastic gym in paradise.



RPM Health club is positioned to as a luxurious private retreat for like minded people who recognize their common interest towards a long term approach to staying healthy in order to live life in Phuket to its fullest. They take pride in their membership, fully enjoy its rewards, and wont’ hesitate to recommend their Club to their friends.


High-Performance Coaching To Be At Your Best

Most of us want better health, better relationships and better careers. How about you?

Generally speaking, human beings around the world that achieve these objectives live in a role they truly enjoy.

The key word here is enjoy, I.E. In Joy. Doing something that brings JOY into their being, participating in something that creates a sense of joy inside of them-selves.

This does not mean sampling chocolates, sipping coffee and posting selfies!


Deep Tissue and Sport Massages now available at RPM Health Club

If you are looking to speed up recovery (A very important part of any exercise or workout routine) a weekly sports massage may be just the answer. Sport massages focus specifically on the area’s of your body that are most affected by workouts or your sport specific training.


Phukets Finest Health Club Launches Body Pump 100 with Special Fitness Instructor from Australia

[:en]The world’s best and biggest strength and conditioning class (BODY PUMP) from fitness and training experts LES MILLS, recently celebrated their worldwide launch of BODY PUMP #100.

This is a milestone achievement as BODY PUMP #1 was first launched in New Zealand way back in 1991! RPM Health Club took part in the action and launched this amazing new release to a ‘sold out’ studio. Every piece of fitness equipment for the class was used as we squeezed in as many members as possible.[:]