The young warrior camp is designed to instill confidence, cooperation and leadership in all of the participants. Using the new state of the art facilities at the RPM Health Club as well as the natural outdoor settings of the beautiful beaches of Phuket, we offer our participants a venue that no other camp can.

We also have the best qualified staff anywhere in Thailand.

Through a unique blend of physical activity and mental coaching, our staff of professionals will bring our the best in your child. We will enable them to think for themselves and do things both mentally and physically, that they never dreamed was possible.

We choose the term “warrior” because it truly is what we all want to be. A warrior is a strong, intelligent leader who understands people and knows the best way to achieve goals. A true warrior is a peace inside and does not always rely on the physical. He often uses his intelligence to solve problems. A warrior is someone who fights though adversity with every tool in his arsenal yet respects others values while pursuing his dreams.

These are some of the skills your children will learn at the young warrior camp.

Young Warrior Camp

Re-Energizing Your Inner Athlete.

The world is becoming a much faster place. At the touch of a screen we are instantly connected to millions of people through social media, games, movies, TV shows and information both useful and useless. Our minds are constantly moving. Unfortunately, our bodies are lagging far behind.

As a society we are adding more stress to our lives than ever before and are in the midst of a world-wide epidemic. We are quickly becoming the most physically and mentally unfit society the world has ever seen. Our social skills are deteriorating at a rapid rate with people no longer having the need to carry on conversations face to face. Even when we are together, usually we are not communicating with each but drawn in to our own little world.

This affects children and adults alike. The next time you are at the beach or in the park, notice how many people are not participating in the now.  What used to be a place to enjoy the beauty of nature and participate in great physical activities has turned into an instant photo opportunity. We rarely enjoy the now anymore. We don’t move, we don’t think and we are blissfully unaware. This has become the new norm.

All of these distractions are making us unhappy, unhealthy and unfulfilled.

RPM Health Club Junior Warrior Camp was created for participants to experience the importance of balanced mindsets and deliver an understanding that ‘success’ and ‘fulfillment’ in life, is a combination of being healthy, happy and helping other people.

Our unique style and philosophy can be tailored to your individual needs. We can work with children who perhaps are being let down by the traditional educational system or how important social interaction, physical activity and proper nutrition are to being happy and successful in life. On the other hand if you have all ready  ‘grown up’ and are working as a professional yet may have lost your way trying to juggle family, work and the pressures the world today can put on you, please click on the high performance business retreat above so that we can help you personally too.

We look forward to inspiring and re-energizing the minds and bodies of the young adults that we coach.

A little about our coaches.

* Gary Diember has 25 years experience in the area of fitness, education and sports psychology. He holds a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and Education with a minor in Sports Psychology and an M.S. in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics. He has lived and worked in Thailand for 11 years and is happily married to his wife Panjaree who is a Thai attorney.

* Hayden Rhodes has worked alongside professional athletes, celebrities and even rock stars in a coaching career that has taken him around the world. He is known to inspire both the young and the not so young, to perform at their best and embrace balancing life, work and play. He holds a Bachelor of Education, is a trained CHEK practitioner and works under the international coach federation. He has been consulting in and out of Thailand for over 10 years and lives very happily with Alexandra and Elijah in Phuket.


  • Sunday Oct 11th – Arrive and Welcome Day
  • Saturday 17th – Departure and Return Home Day
  • Please note that participant numbers are restricted to keep the quality of coaching and interaction extremely high. We are committed 100% to show up for every camp participant at all times. Numbers are limited to the first 15 persons only.
  • Location Bang Tao Beach, Phuket Thailand, Pearl of the Andaman Sea.

For enrollment or any questions please contact us personally;

Gary Diemer
M: +66 (0)91 223 7768
Hayden Rhodes
M: +66 (0)86 383 4232