RPM Health Club Team

RPM Health Club consists of a fantastic group of people all here to help improve your Phuket lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter what your health goals are; toning up, losing body fat, stress reduction, detoxification or improving personal well being, our team are here to ensure you are well looked after, every time you enter your health club.

Your Team consists of four groups that collectively work together to keep RPM Health Club running on 8 cylinders! Those teams are your Personal Training Team, The Office Administrative Team, the House Keeping Team and your Membership Relationships Team.

Hello! My name is Amy. I help Hayden with Club Memberships at RPM Health Club. You will probably see me exercising and enjoying the great classes in your club. I look forward to meeting you soon, have a great day. Amy.

Khun Oh is your Membership Accountant (Pictured Below, Left) she keeps the financial documents in order and works closely with Amy and Pen to ensure the membership base is growing and paying on time! She works very hard in the Administration Office and can sometimes be seen sneaking into the club to enjoy a class!

Khun Apple (Pictured in a black dress with the club Health, Beauty Life signage behind her)  heads up the juice bar and RPM Health Club reception area. Apple works closely with all members and K Pen, your membership secretary to ensure your club experience is a great one – every time you visit.

Your Membership Secretary, Khun Pen (Pictured Below, Marina in Background) is here to assist with all membership documents, monthly payments, new members, referrals and keep all the membership data in order! If you change your address or email etc, please let her know!

Joe is your Fitness Manager (Pictured Below, with Guns!) He is well known throughout Thailand as a natural body building and body shaping personality and is here to help with all your health and fitness needs and heads up the personal training team and Fitness Department.

Khun Nok (Pictured Below Right) is our Yoga and Body Balance expert and female personal trainer. She is here to assist your health and well-being goals and lift you to new heights.

All teams can often be seen up at the club reception welcoming you with each visit. The reception acts as a hub of activity where members and staff interact, catch up on daily activities, consume Phukets’ best smoothies and juices and generally socialize before and after training sessions or classes.

We look forward to serving you soon.